A Case Study

     Our client contacted us as they were looking to achieve a luxurious high-end finish to a newly installed lift as part of a massive refurbishment project of luxury apartments in Chelsea.
     The finishes they required were either not available from the lift manufacturer or they were incredibly expensive. They decided to explore the possibility of architectural wrapping, and since Omnia Vinyl are one of the only installers in this field that specialise in lift wrapping, we were the obvious first point of contact.
     We provided the client with our brochure of the full range of available vinyl, once they had selected a short list we forwarded on the samples using our free sampling service to make their final decision. The chosen finishes were both from 3M’s Di-noc range, LE-1109 for the doors and VM-305 for the architraves
      During the many discussions with the client they gave us the direction that there was to be no stainless steel left visible anywhere in the development, it just didn’t fit in with the extremely high end finish they were aiming for. As our director Richard is a 25 year served Lift engineer and owner of ISCA Elevators we were able to offer the option to remove the lift landings and lift car doors for wrapping. This would enable us to fully wrap all the return surfaces of the doors and also give us enough access to wrap the full returns on the architraves.  In addition the client asked if we could also wrap the landing call button surrounds, without leaving the stainless steel edge showing.  Since this would mean removing and unplugging the buttons it was a job that only a qualified lift engineer could tackle.
     As the pictures show the finished effect is stunning. The leather effect doors against the brushed gold/bronze architraves give a level of luxury and finish that just isn’t possible without spending an enormous budget. The coverage of all the return surfaces could not be achieved without removing and refitting the doors, a level of finish not possible by your average architectural wrapper. This is what sets Omnia Vinyl Ltd apart from the rest, the ability to work on and around your lift safely. We can give you the best finish possible, safe in the knowledge your lift will be re assembled and fully tested by a qualified lift engineer before we hand it back.

The Draycott, Draycott Avenue , Chelsea